Medical Students

Together with our colleagues at the Institute of Anatomy we are teaching macroscopic and microscopic anatomy for medical students at the preclinical study level.

Our specialty is of course neuroanatomy, covered in the 3rd study semester:

“ZNS/ Sinnesorgane” (in German), consisting of 3 x Neurohistologie, 5 x makroskopisches Hirnseminar

Please refer to the homepage of the Institute of Anatomy (IANA) for further information (in German):

PhD students & Postdocs

All students and Postdocs are encouraged to become members of our local CBBS graduate program. You have the opportunity to get in touch with researchers from different backgrounds, from our local neuroscience community and from afar. Regular lectures are offered to not only strengthen your scientific background, but to also heighten your skills beyond lab work.

Together with Janelle Pakan from DZNE Magdeburg, we organize regular meetings for discussing papers and our research at the Junior Group Journal Club. All PhD students and PostDocs are welcome.