In May 2020 the Albrecht lab started its work at the Institute of Anatomy at the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg, Germany.

Our research focusses on understanding the functional neuroanatomy of stress adaptation and emotional memory formation.


We have 2 new reviews out:

Çalışkan G, Müller A, Albrecht A. “Long-Term Impact of Early-Life Stress on Hippocampal Plasticity: Spotlight on Astrocytes” by Gürsel Çalışkan, Anke Müller and Anne Albrecht in Int J Mol Sci. 2020, 21(14):4999. doi: 10.3390/ijms21144999.

Albrecht A, Redavide E, Regev-Tsur S, Stork O, Richter-Levin G. Hippocampal GABAergic interneurons and their co-localized neuropeptides in stress vulnerability and resilience. Neurosci Biobehav Rev. 2020 Nov 11:S0149-7634(20)30634-5. doi: 10.1016/j.neubiorev.2020.11.002.

Open positions

We are always interested in talented and motivated Bachelor and Master Students as well as candidates for a Medical Doctoratemore information for joining our group here