Lab activities

116th Annual Meeting Anatomische Gesellschaft, Berlin 2022

From September 20-23 2022 the yearly meeting of the “Anatomische Gesellschaft” took place at the Institute of Anatomy of Charite in Berlin. Our group presented 3 Posters:

Evaluation of the circadian expression of orexin receptors in the mouse brain by RNAscope® by Gina M. Krause, Characterization of circadian modulators in relay stations of prefrontal-to- hippocampal circuits via laser microdissection by Lara Chirich Barreira and Role of the HCA1 receptor in skin inflammation by Hagen Lange (in person presenattion by Anne Albrecht). Moreover, Erik Wolniczak from our institute presented his MD Thesis project The inositol-1,4,5-trisphosphate-3-kinase-A is a putative regulator of social behavoir and motor function.

Lab excursion day – hiking at Harz mountains

On Juli 20 2022 our institute spend a fun day at Wernigerode at the Harz mountains visiting Wernigerode castle, the wildlife park Christianental and hiking through the mountains around Wernigerode.

FENS Forum 2022 in Paris

From July 9th-13th the largest convention of neuroscientists in Europe took place in Paris and we were also part of this very exciting meeting, the first one in 2 years were we could catch up, discuss and see each other again in person and not in front of our screens!

2 posters from the Albrecht lab were presented on Sunday, July 10th. Gina presented the work of her Masters thesis “Evaluation of the circadian expression of orexin receptors in the mouse brain by RNAscope®” and Alice our project “Choosing memory retrieval strategies: a critical role for inhibition in the dentate gyrus“, freshly submitted as a preprint here.