PEOPLE – Silke Storsberg, Ph.D.

E-Mail: silke.storsberg [at]

Tel.: +49 (0) 391 6713602


For my PhD-thesis I investigated neuronal circuits underlying innate avoidance behavior within a joint project of the Center for Behavioral Brain Sciences of the SFB 779. I exposed intracranial tracer injected rats to predator odor in order to identify participating neurons and brain regions. Ongoing research, in cooperation with RafaƗ Stryek in Warsaw (Poland), focuses on domestication effects among wild and laboratory rats within this avoidance behavior generating neuronal circuits. Currently I am working as PostDoc and I am interested in accumulation and distribution of micro-plastic particles in the murine gastrointestinal system and behavioral alterations.

I’m also teaching macroscopic anatomy and neuroanatomy to medical students at the IANA.